Can you help us capture information on every building in Beirut?

How many buildings are there in Beirut? What are their characteristics? Where are they located and how do they contribute to the city? How adaptable are they? How long will they last, and what are the environmental and socio-economic implications of demolition?

Coloring Beirut is being designed to address these questions by crowdsourcing and visualising information on Beirut’s buildings. We’re releasing the prototype for testing in the late summer. See the slideshow below for what it will look like.

Coloring Beirut is designed to collect, visualize, analyze, and make accessible data on Beirut's buildings' stock. It relies on the open-source platform developed by the Coloring Beirut team.

  • Developed by Colouring London
  • Supported by the American University of Beirut
  • In collaboration with the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • Operated by Beirut Urban Lab
  • Deployed by Archet Labs

Data Categories

12 categories have been chosen in consultation with specialists working in a range of areas, from energy analysis and sustainable urban planning and design to building conservation, community planning, architecture and historical research.

  1. Location

    Where is it?

  2. Use

    How is it used?

  3. Type

    How was it first used?

  4. Age

    When was it built?

  5. Size

    How big is it?

  6. Construction

    How is it built?

  7. Design/Build

    Who built it?

  8. Street Front

    How does it relate to the street?

  9. Greenery

    Is it near a tree or park?

  10. Protection

    Is it designated?

  11. Demolitions

    How many rebuilds on the site?

  12. Like Me?

    Do you like it?

Once built, our platform will allow you to:

View maps

To view the data, navigate to the ‘View Maps’ page and find the category that interests you.

Preview of view maps page

Add and edit data

Find a building and add or edit data for any of the 12 core categories.

Preview of add/edit data page

See how people are using our data

Find links to visualisations and analysis, art projects and applications relating to the evolution of Beirut, housing, energy, planning, heritage and history—or something we haven’t imagined yet.

Preview of data showcase page

Download, remix and reuse

Access bulk downloads of data created through the project to use and reuse under a liberal open data license. Let us know and we’ll feature showcase projects on the Coloring Beirut site.

Preview of download page